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A recent survey of UK head teachers has found that nearly half are struggling to get mental health support for their pupils.


A total of 45% of 655 of school leaders quizzed by children's mental health charity Place2Be said it was a problem.

As a result of the issues facing students today, The Limes College created the content of the app “Moving Minds” using the expertise of our on-site clinical psychology team. Once the content had been developed we turned to Gaia Technology for support in turning the content into a easy to use app that students could find out more about issues they may be facing, whilst using it to seek support and keep a  daily log of mood and feelings.


App Overview:

From anxiety and depression to eating disorders and self-harm, Moving Minds is designed to equip you with the knowledge, attributes and skills to manage issues, challenges and responsibilities faced in everyday life.

Being a teenager can be quite a complex period in your life filled with lots of questions. Moving Minds is an information app which helps to answer some of the questions you may have about your mental, physical and emotional health. It provides easy to read explanations, advice and where to get help in both your school and your community.

Features include:

  • A mood tracker with emojis that allows you to keep track of how your feel each day and identify any recurring patterns or triggers.
  • Coping strategies: identify the three main coping strategies that work for you and have them readily available from the home screen.
  • My Relaxation: a meditation feature with breathing and relaxation exercises.


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