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The Limes college


Robin Hood Lane, Sutton



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Rachael Carvill - SENDCo


0208 652 1150 / 0208 652 1186








Contact to discuss child needs

Who will I contact to discuss the concerns or needs of my child?


The school aims to meet the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) of all our students as defined in our SEN policy. If you are concerned about your child's learning or progress, you can contact their form tutor, family outreach worker or head of key stage. If you have additional concerns please contact the SENDCo directly.

About the school

We are a large PRU offering support to children from Year 1 to Year 11. We offer outreach to Mainstream schools in Sutton, a Turnaround project for KS3 and 4, for children who are at risk of exclusion, onsite provision for permanently excluded students in all Key Stages and also have BOOST provisions for children who meet criteria for an EHCP, in KS4.  We work with schools for at risk KS4 students by offering a 2 day a week vocational program.  We have recently developed a Trauma Informed Nurture based group for KS3 students.

Assessing children

How does the school know how well my child is doing?

We conduct baseline assessment in literacy and numeracy for all new students in order to identify any additional learning needs that may require support.

Teachers monitor and assess student progress, using information to respond to individual needs.

Termly assessments, Team Around the Child meetings and action planning meetings help to assess the progress our students are making.

Use of the London Borough of Sutton's Graduated support for special educational needs to determine the type and severity of need.

For students with an EHCP and those receiving significant amounts of intervention an action plan is written and reviewed termly.

Informing parents and carers

How will I be kept informed about how well my child is doing?

Every week form tutors will make contact with home to discuss progress, achievement and any behavioral issues. Those families who have family outreach support will also have regular contact with their key worker.

We welcome contact from parents and carers who have any concerns about their child and members of staff can offer advice on how to support your child at home.

Written reports are sent home every term.

We also hold termly Team Around the Child meetings with all relevant professionals involved.

Updates on progress

How regularly will I be updated on my child’s progress?

As well as weekly contact, we have a number of opportunities for parents and carers to come into school to discuss progress or any concerns throughout the year.  We hold a yearly Showcase Day, where parents and carers can come into school to view their child’s work, and discuss curriculum progress with teachers.

If we have any serious concerns about a child’s progress, you will be contacted by the relevant Head of Key stage or by the SENDCo

If a child is not making progress

Will I know if my child is not making progress and what will happen?

If we feel a child is not making expected progress you will be contacted by the subject teacher or form tutor in the first instance. If after a period of careful monitoring we feel that your child is still not making expected progress over time, you will be contacted by the SENDCo who will use the graduated approach of assess, plan, do, review to try to meet the students’ needs. The SENDCo will seek additional professional advice if it is felt necessary.


What is the curriculum and how is it taught?

Although not required to follow the National Curriculum at KS1, 2 and 3, we do where possible in order to support transition back into mainstream schools. We offer a variety of GCSEs and BTEC courses for KS4.  We also use a range of quality AP to deliver vocational qualifications for KS4.

Adapting for child needs

How will the curriculum be adapted to meet the needs of my child?

A broad and balanced curriculum is offered across all the Key Stages, with a flexible and tailored approach for many of our students.

Within the school we have two additional SEN Provisions, these are for children who already have an EHCP or are going through assessments.


Teacher flexibility on child needs

How flexible can teachers be in meeting the needs of my child?

We have a number of LSAs working across the Key Stages, all are trained in SEND and have a number of specialisms. Our LSAs work closely with teachers to ensure full adaptation of lessons so students can complete work independently.  

All students have a student passport from which staff can gain information on the students individual needs, this information helps teachers to plan lessons which ensure progress for all students.

In addition external agencies regularly deliver staff training to ensure staff are making appropriate and reasonable adjustments to maximize the learning of all students.


Additional support

Is there any additional support available to help my child reach his/her expected outcomes?

The first stage of support for all students is through high quality teaching and the use of adaptation strategies within the classroom using information from the student passports.

We provide targeted interventions to support a student’s needs.  This may include seeking assessment, advice and guidance from other professionals such as speech and language therapists.

  • Targeted support at The Limes includes:
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Support
  • Art Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • ELSA
  • Family Outreach support such as parenting workshop
  • Social Skills groups
  • Small targeted group support for vulnerable students

Learning strategies

Are there any special features or strategies to help children learn?

Each student has a student passport which outlines the best strategies to support students learning. All staff are kept updated with this information and where relevant, staff will be trained to meet individual need.

Meeting child needs

How do I know my child’s particular need will be met?

Decisions about how to meet your child’s needs will always be discussed with you. Permission is always sought and obtained before any intervention is put into place

Access to exams

What arrangements are available for pupils to access tests and assessments?

Access Arrangements are inline and compliant with JCQ regulations. 

If we feel it is necessary we will seek access arrangements to ensure your child is given fair access to all external examinations and assessments.

Additional support or time for exams

How will I know if my child qualifies for additional support or time to access tests?

If your child is eligible for access arrangements you will be informed in writing.

Comfort, safety and socialising

How does the school help my child to feel comfortable and safe and manage social situations?

The Limes College has a strong ethos of pastoral care which we feel is highlighted through our tutor system and family outreach department.

Outreach workers liaise with the family and student and offer a wide range of mentoring support either as part of a group or as part of a personalised programme. Outreach staff can offer support and advice to families who are under stress for a variety of reasons, such as relationship issues, communication between family members or more practical things such as housing and money problems. The Outreach staff will make an assessment of the situation and work with the family to build on the families’ strengths and seek advice from external services as required. These may include signposting to services such as Early Help, Social Care and CAMHS.

Developing social & emotional skills

How does the school help develop my child’s social and emotional skills?

At The Limes we work towards positive health and well-being for everyone within our community.

We believe students are better equipped to learn if they are happy and have no concerns.

We have a culture of encouraging all students to feel safe and secure.

Early Help Support in the Community (Tier 2)

Examples : please include any ELSA  

( Emotional Literacy Support Assistant), counselling, Talk and draw, parent groups, support groups for parents and children e.g. Self Esteem and social skills, Clinical Psychology paid for by the school, Mentoring, Anger management / Feelings work.

We offer a range of SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental health) support including speech and language therapists and play therapists.

In addition, we offer ELSA, parent groups and a wide range of workshops on topics such as self-esteem, managing emotions, sexual health, keeping safe and healthy relationships.

We have a team of Outreach workers who support our most vulnerable families.


What is the school’s policy on bullying?

We take a zero tolerance stance towards bullying.  This is fully covered in our Behaviour Policy.  Wherever possible we use a Restorative Justice approach to resolving any bullying issues but will also use our sanctions ladder and if necessary involve our police liaison team.

Disability support

What facilities are in the school to assist children with disabilities move around the building and take part in lessons?

We have an accessibility Policy detailing this information on our website.  We have the use of ramps and a lift to access the building and the first floor.

Accessing lessons

How do I know my child will be able to access all lessons?

Our students are all baseline tested on entry and all lessons are differentiated accordingly. All SEN are taken into account in the planning and delivery of our lessons.

Who we work with

Who does the school work with?

The school works with a number of agencies from the education, health and social care and community sectors in the London Borough of Sutton and other neighboring boroughs including:

  • Educational Psychology Services
  • Cognus
  • Occupational Therapy
  • School Nurse
  • Youth Offending Team
  • SEND Team
  • Social Care
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Police / Safer Neighborhood Team and school liaison officers
  • Early Help
  • Jigsaw 4 U
  • Transition Workers
  • Integrated Youth Services

Working with other agencies

How does the school work with other agencies?

The Limes has a close working relationship with a variety of agencies to ensure that student needs are met appropriately.

Informing parents and carers

How will I be informed?

Parents and carers are kept informed and consent is sought in most cases before a referral is made to an external service.

Helping your child settle with confidence

How will the school help my child settle with confidence and manage change as they move between schools and year groups?

 Tutors and family outreach workers will support your child in settling into the school and the heads of Key Stage will support their transition between year groups and key stages.

Extended School Day

What additional facilities do you offer?e.g. Breakfast club; After school clubs; walking train to after school care

 We offer breakfast clubs to all students. We also offer twilight lessons to all KS4 students to help them achieve to the best of their abilities.

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The Limes College, Robin Hood Lane,
Sutton SM1 2SD


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