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Education Intention

The Limes College is a school that works with children and young people who have found themselves in some way unable to access mainstream education.  This may be through unmet needs, sometimes referred to as Special Educational Needs (SEN), or complex life circumstances.


We start with assessment to find out where our children are in their education, and also consider family circumstances which may be contributory to why they may be finding it difficult to access education. Throughout this process we are focused on building positive relationships and providing a supportive environment.

At the Limes College we promote and embed the core values of Belonging, Relationships, Moving On and Achievement into our everyday practice. We work together to ensure that these values are consistently at the heart of every child’s learning journey.


Learning is about changing the long term memory because ultimately progress means knowing more and remembering more. At The Limes College we believe that in order to learn and make progress, children need to BELONG, build positive RELATIONSHIPS, MOVE ON and ACHIEVE.


Children learn best when they feel a sense of belonging within an environment which is safe and where they feel secure. Our environment is one in which children are able to build positive relationships and are able to build on this confidence so that they are engaged and motivated to learn. We offer a diverse, broad and balanced curriculum which supports all our young people with the ability to move on to the next steps relevant to them, whether that be back into a mainstream setting; on to further education or into work. At The Limes College, we are committed to providing children with opportunities for success where they can achieve and where they are learning valuable lessons for life.


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The Limes College, Robin Hood Lane,
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The Limes College is part of Alternative Learning Trust which is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales. Company Number 11788031 Registered office: Sutton West Centre, Robin Hood Lane, Sutton SM1 2SD