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At The Limes College Media Studies has always been driven by ensuring students develop a high standard of technical skill and critical understanding of the world around them. As a society we interact with the Media more than we ever have before and without even realising it students are often more expert in the subject than they realise. It is our aim as media educators to facilitate this realisation. We want to ensure that all our students move on to their chosen destinations with a deeper understanding of the world that they live in, and are technically proficient to communicate using a number of different platforms. This means to be able to use industry standard software at a competitive standard so that if they wish to move on to any aspect of the media they are not disadvantaged. 



Currently we offer AQA Media Studies at GCSE level. This subject gives students the opportunity to learn about and understand the world around them. We do this by extensive and meaningful coverage of media theory and practice; practical work that integrates theories and concepts; the opportunity to study across a range of different media; opportunities to learn about real media products and industries; opportunities for progression, especially to Media courses in college and beyond. AQA release, on a yearly basis, Close Study Products (CSP’s) which are all the Media texts that will feature in the up and coming exams. All the products span the breadth of the media and give students a good platform to experience and understand all aspects of the subject. 


Media Studies comprises three components - two exam papers and a coursework unit (NEA). This is made up of one assignment. Students can pick a brief from a range of topics from magazine covers, to advertising and marketing and finally making a music video or film trailer. We have an Apple mac suite that has access to the full Adobe Creative Cloud, meaning all students have access to a range of industry standard software. This ranges from photo editing to print design, illustration, film editing and audio programs. Although this is a luxury, it is important that our students are aware of the industry standards as soon as possible. Much like Art and Photography in Year 10 we prefer to adopt a more formative low-risk assessment and feedback model with a focus on repetition and retrieval practice. Introducing theories and concepts that will be needed to fully engage in the in-depth critical thinking that will be required in Year 11. CSP’s will be introduced a year in advance to ensure all subjects will be covered by summer exams. All CSP’s will be accompanied with exam questions that will be teacher, self and peer assessed.


Students will achieve an AQA GCSE in Media Studies. This will give them a good platform to progress into any Level 3 Media qualification and a good knowledge of the media industry to consider apprenticeships. Due to the high standards that we expect and the early introduction to industry software, students have an understanding of photo editing, print design, film editing or audio production. This leads to a more specific understanding of one specialism.


Our students will move on to their chosen destinations, with a deeper understanding of the world in which they live, an ability to think creatively and critically, and will be technically proficient to communicate using a number of different platforms. This will give students a good foundation to build from in any destination they choose.

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